Cheat on the layout and slather on some of this buttery bronze goodness! Miami In A Bottle Body Glow is formulated with coconut, jojoba, and almond oils to penetrate and deeply nourish your skin. The non-greasy formula leaves your skin feeling silky, never sticky. It's a body highlight in a bottle! Turn bathtime into an all-out exclusive spa experience by adding our moisturizing body glow to your bathwater. Tame flyaways and nourish ends by rubbing a few drops between palms and styling. Scented with sexy alluring ylang-yang and the fresh aroma of orange, this beauty oil will arouse your senses and give your skin an amazing glow with a sensuous aroma to match. Are you ready to feel and look like a million bucks Skincare Baddies?!                                                                                             OG- the original radiant, bronze, shimmer, a customer favorite                                       ICY- heavy on the diamond silver shimmer, it's like icicles for the skin!                     LOWKEY- hence the name, subtle, sexy, iridescent, gold glow  

Miami in a Bottle